Here at Snowy River Belltown we are 100% committed to the health and safety of our staff and our customers. We ensure strict adherence to all measures established by the Governor’s guidance, the Department of Labor & Industries (L&I) Coronavirus (COVID-19) Prevention: General Requirements and Prevention Ideas for Workplaces, and the Washington State Department of Health Workplace and Employer Resources & Recommendations (DOH).

Accordingly we have adopted procedures and protocols to help provide you a safe yet fun experience with us. Please ask one of our team for a copy of our policy or download the full COVID-19 Policy here.

Here are just a few processes we have already implemented:

  1. We regularly monitor and implement CDC and State Health guidelines for best practices in protecting our staff and customers.
  2. We maintain an Excellent rating with the King County Health Dept.
  3. We provide PPE for our staff including gloves, masks, hand sanitizer and other cleaning gear.
  4. Our kitchen is cleaned continuously and wiped down before and after every order.
  5. All food is made to order to ensure freshness every time and refrigerated while not in use.
  6. Hand sanitizer is available in various locations in the bar including at the door and in all bathrooms. Staff are required to sanitize regularly.
  7. Curbside pickup is available for takeout.
  8. Our tables are socially distanced to 6ft, cleaned constantly plus we will shortly offer outdoor seating at 50% capacity and socially distanced.
  9. Customers will be offered hand sanitizer when first seated and are encouraged to wear masks when not eating/drinking.
  10. Tables, chairs, bar tops, door handles, and all equipment is wiped down constantly using bleach.
  11. Staff are wearing gloves and masks and practice social distancing to other staff and where possible to customers.
  12. Air sanitizer machines are setup to constantly filter the air within the bar and restaurant areas to help remove airborne issues.
  13. Staff health checks are taken before they start any shifts. Any one not feeling well is supported to rest at home.
  14. Staff are trained about COVID-19 safety and correct procedures.
  15. We maintain a register of all guests for State Tracing purposes for a period of 30 days in the event of any COVID-19 tracing requirements.

Please stay safe and know that we take your health and safety very seriously.

We welcome any questions on our policy. These can be addressed to our COVID-19 supervisor at or by calling us at (206) 485-7423.