Snowy River Cocktails is an award winning Washington-based manufacturer of all-natural cocktail decorating products. From our large range of cocktail sugar and cocktail salt glass rimmers, to our super popular cocktail glitters and drink colors, we are 100% focused on our quality, being natural, and our range of cocktail decorating options.

Our goal is to empower bartenders to do what they love more effectively and naturally using Snowy River Cocktail products. To this end, we use all fruit and veg in the coloring of all our products ensuring a synthetic/preservative free product that tastes great while also being Gluten Free and Kosher Certified. If its Snowy River, you know its natural and freshly manufactured in the USA.

Check out some of the products we use at Snowy River Cocktails in Belltown.

COCKTAIL SUGARS & SALTS: The perfect drink is not complete until finished with Snowy River all-natural cocktail sugar and salt rimmers. Made from the finest sugars and available in a variety of handy pack sizes and flavors, Snowy River cocktail sugar rimmers can turn an everyday event into a true party!  Snowy River cocktail rimmers are available in a large range of plain colors as well as in fun party mixes. For example, our candy cane, chocolate, margarita, cinnamon and coffee based rimmers are all top sellers. We currently have over 25 different color options and growing monthly.

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COCKTAIL GLITTER: Snowy River cocktail glitter brings sparkle and shine to your cocktails. Colored with natural fruit and veg, our range of glitters are designed to be very lightly dusted on to the top of cocktails or stir in a smidgen to add amazing color and sparkle. Importantly, Snowy River cocktail glitters contain no preservatives and look amazing in vodka, tequila and other clear based cocktails.
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COCKTAIL COLORING: When you need to add color and vibrancy to a cocktail but you don’t want to adjust the flavor, then Snowy River cocktail color is the first choice. Made with all-natural fruit and veg and designed specifically for cocktails and alcoholic drinks, our cocktail color is designed to outperform in terms of vibrancy of color and ease of use across the alcoholic Ph spectrum.
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